A concert under the title of BASSES FIVE! to be held at the Village Hall, Templecombe, Somerset, will include the world premiere of the double bass quartet ‘micheldever, autumn of 1914‘ by John Alexander.  The five movements of this work are: 1 opening the day; 2 questioning stillness; 3 less is sometimes enough; 4 half finished answer; 5 trail of memory.  On this occasion, the quartet performing this music are Eloise Riddell, Alexander Heather, Jan Cowell and Miles Wragg.  This composition is dedicated to the memory of the composer’s father.  

A performance of ‘biophilia‘ for double bass duo is to be given in Mexico City on Tuesday 24 January.

The world premiere of John Alexander‘s  ‘sonata in three movements‘ for double bass and piano, is to be presented in Mexico City by Marco Antonio Quinones Martinez (double bass) and Patricia Miravete Mora (piano) on Thursday 16 February 2017. This piece is dedicated to David Heyes (movement 1), Thierry Barbe, Dan Styffe (movement 2), Marco Anthony Quinones and Patricia Miravete (movement 3).  The whole work is in memory of Edmund Rubbra.