John Alexander photoJohn Alexander is a composer and arranger who has now composed more than 50 pieces for every level of bassist since being awarded 1st prize in the 1999 BIBF Composition Contest for his “challenging, virtuosic and impressive” abalone for unaccompanied double bass.  He has successfully been a Featured Composer at Bass-Fest Frome, Rotterdam Conservatoire and Wells Cathedral School.  Recital Music publishes much of his work but he is also self-published.

Many of his compositions are for small ensembles in various combinations, but his work also includes music written for Concert Wind Bands, String Orchestras and Chamber Choirs.  He studied composition with Edmund Rubbra at GHSMD, London, and later with Jonathan Harvey and Peter Weigold at the University of Sussex.  Many professional and amateur players in Europe (including Scandinavia), as well as Russia, USA, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and China have performed his work.


“I really enjoyed preparing and performing your piece.  I have worked together with other composers and it is not often that I come across music that is modern, but still has a tranquility and beauty to it, as has ‘not one, but half of two’.  I will perform it here in Denmark.”

Andreas Bennetzen

Chairman of The Danish Double Bass Society


“I am ashamed to say that I didn’t know John Alexander’s music before seeing one of his works at the 1st BIBF Composition Competition in 1999.  It is always a pleasant surprise to find a very talented composer who, for unknown reasons, has not yet been ‘discovered’, but certainly should be.  I have played ‘abalone’ at concerts in Europe and America and gave the world premiere as part of Bass-Fest ’99.  The response has never been less than positive, enthusiastic and encouraging.”

Corrado Canonici

International Contemporary Soloist


“John Alexander was a Featured Composer and ‘Composer-in-Residence’ at the Double Bass Weekend in Wells, Somerset at the end of September 2007.  Seven of his works were performed across the concert series, including four premieres, demonstrating a composer with a strong, confident and independent voice whether writing for the youngest performer or the professional soloist.  An impressive and growing body of work reflects a rare ear for detail and structure – each work carefully crafted and reworked until every inflection, detail and nuance is to his satisfaction.  He writes in a fluent, personal style with an intense desire to create music that communicates to both performers and audience alike.  In recent years,  John Alexander has become a fairly prolific composer, notably and most successfully in solo, vocal and chamber works, whilst his music for double bass is helping to develop an English repertoire and profile for the instrument.”

David Heyes

International Soloist, Teacher, Publisher, Broadcaster and organiser of Double Bass Festivals (UK)


“What is most important is ‘rain spirit passing’; you have written a terrific piece and we thank you for this.  We want to include it in our recitals at San Diego University and will take it with us to Berlin in November.” “…the duo is challenging and gratifying to performers & audience… [It] has a lovely feel (vibe, if you will) and is a rather UNIQUE flute & contrabass piece. BRAVO!”

Bertram Turetzky

International Performer, Teacher and Academic (USA) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertram_Turetzky